Natural Incense Sticks

These 100% natural handmade incense sticks are absolutely epic and come wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging. The natural oils used are guaranteed to get your senses flowing. The foggy garden scent features beautifully balanced black orchid notes and depth is delivered through fresh wood. The whitechapel gallery scent is a balanced combination of amber, wood and musk, creating an interesting and lively scent of mystery. The Old Havana scent features a more woody tone and will take you back to the past, walking through the old streets of Havana and nights spent in local high ceiling bars filled with sounds of live jazz and salsa music. These three scents are all classic favourites for those who wish to bring energy and warmth into their home.

Why we love this? Handmade. Plastic-free. Natural.

Pack of 6 sticks

100% natural ingredients

Recyclable packaging

Burn time: 1 hour approx

Scent time: 3+ hours

Origin: UK

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