Recycled 'Anki' Flash Cards

These 100% recycled index cards are an absolute must during exam season or if you're one of those people like us that writes a daily to do list! Flash cards, study cards, key cards, post-it cards, to-do list cards, memory cards or anki cards these little gems have been called many things in the past, probably because they are so flippn' versatile. However you plan on using them, these handy A7 memo cards are the perfect agile tool. Each pack includes 120 ultra resistant cards in 4 different colours made from recycled and recyclable Italian paper. They've been designed to be used, reused and to bring your projects and learning to life. Creativity starts here!

Why we love this? Recycled. Thick. Great for studying. 

120 memo cards (30 Blue, 30 Yellow, 30 Bone, 30 Pink)

Recycled and recyclable Italian paper (260g/m²)

Printed in France using vegetable-based inks

Dimensions: A7 (47 mm x 105 mm)

Origin: France

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