Plastic Free Recycled Pencil Case

This plastic free recycled leather pencil case is the perfect place to keep your pens and pencils protected and safe. It features a minimal design for the bare essentials, just enough to clean up the clutter from your current work at home situation or perfect for throwing into your backpack for those days at the coffee shop. Pair with some of our other stationery items for the perfect eco-friendly and sustainable desk setup. This pencil case was handmade in Spain from recycled leather using simple pressing tools. Leather is such a strong material but there's already so much available in the world - this items solves that thoughtfully, utilising existing leather and upcycling into something new for people to use.

Why we love this? Recycled. Plastic-free. Minimalist.  

Handmade from recycled leather

Dimensions: 21 x 6 x 2 cm

Origin: Spain

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