Recyclable Paper Washi Tape

This colourful, recyclable, eco-friendly and waterproof paper tape is a unique tape from Japan that can be used for taping, crafting, wrapping gifts, scrapbooking, home decoration and much more! This versatile and reusable tape tears off easily, sticks immediately and peels off without leaving sticky residue setting it apart from other tapes and making it reusable. The simple tape comes in a single roll that is easy to write on, versatile and decorative. Fill your diary with washi tape and scribble notes on it, brighten up a jam jar or plant pot, decorate a boring picture frame and personalise presents.

1 x roll of paper washi masking tape, easy to tear by hand

Reusable tape that will peel off without damage on most surfaces

Available in a variety of zen colours

Measures 15mm wide by 10m long


Origin: Japan

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